About Anna

Anna Corinna began in the fashion industry, collecting vintage and one of-a-kind pieces. Her love of unique design led to her creation and selling of inspirational stories to Donna Karan, Anna Sui, Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, Michael Kors and many others, providing conceptual direction while curating and presenting inspired vignettes that included art, clothing, accessories, jewelry, and decorative pieces from the Victorian era through the present day.  From this beginning she became Co-Founder and Creative Director of Foley + Corinna, a lifestyle brand of signature handbags and ready-to-wear sold at over 400 stores worldwide and exquisite one of a kind pieces Anna would buy for her celebrity clientele and her NY and LA Stores.  After over a decade, Anna sold Foley+Corinna and unveiled her own lifestyle concept collection, Anna Corinna. Traveling the world and treasure hunting has always been her forte.  This collection had been solely for private clients and personal inspiration.  But then she opened shop, showing off her collection and sharing her discoveries at Anna Corinna, a sweet and magical shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

After two years as shopkeep, Anna decided it was once again time to close up the brick and mortar and take the time and freedom for travel, buying and time with clients, Anna has moved into focused private acquisition projects, design and consultation with numerous brands, as well as providing home and corporate decorating and buying services to clients around the world.  

 Collected home, collected life. Everything beautiful, 





Art, jewelry, vintage, antiques, home decor and sacred objects filled this treasure trove of a shop.  Anna Corinna was located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Inventory was constantly changing and rotated ensuring no two visits would offer the same experience. One could step in, be immersed in treasures and find ultimate inspiration,  A true destination for discovery.